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No more than six but no less than two rhinoceroses

We must hunt art.
Aug 1 '14


Can I say this bit made me so happy?  Because I know there’s been debate about wanting prankster!Marceline vesus serious!Marceline, and it was cool to see this episode have a bit of both!  

I also think this is just proof that there’s a piece of her human side/heritage that will never really leave her, and that’s adorable imo

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Jul 31 '14
Jul 31 '14



where do i sign up to become an amazon

To be fair, Artemis isn’t an Amazon, she’s the Greek goddess of the hunt.

Jul 31 '14



See this is actually a really neat look at how history works.

Who writes the history books?

The survivors.

Who survives?

The victors.


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Jul 31 '14


Best $1.85 I have ever spent.

Jul 31 '14
Jul 31 '14



i think ppl should draw smooches more because basically if you can draw a heart you can draw a KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

i mean these are simple smooch poses but… they are so fun 2 do *_*



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Jul 31 '14
Jul 31 '14

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Jul 31 '14